1. What ideas can you take home from Chelsea Flower Show?

    Here's 6 ideas to action after experiencing RHS Chelsea Flower Show

    RHS Chelsea Flower Show is possibly the greatest flower show on earth and it's taking place this week! Even when it's gone, it doesn't need to be forgotten aned there are, of course, more flower shows to enjoy – including RHS Hampton Court from 4-9 July. The repercussions from such amazing shows can last forever if you take certain thoughts home with you and then act upon them. These events are a source of inspiration and joy during the actual visit, but why let it end there? There are so many garden tips that you can absorb from these magical events and none of these are beyond the reach of 'normal' gardeners. Here are a few suggestions for benefits that can last forever: Read more
  2. Growing love on Valentine's Day with a living plant gift

    The dating game - it's Valentine's Day!

    With one month of the year having passed and all but a memory, are you ready for the rest? It seems that from February onwards there’s a gradual but steady feeling of momentum which builds to a triumphant climax marked by the burst of spring blossom. The entire process commences on 14 February and this date is known to many as Valentine’s Day. Read more
  3. Christmas gifts for gardeners and garden lovers!

    Christmas gifts to make gardeners happy!

    Need to buy Christmas gifts for gardeners? These people are surely the easiest folk to please during the festive season. Why? Because they generally love anything planty. What’s more, they appreciate tools; outdoor clothing; soothing hand creams, books about gardens, wooden things and natural products… and much more. A love of gardens opens up a whole world of possibility when it comes to gifts. Read more
  4. Five tasks for the autumn garden. Love your lawn!

    What to do with the lawn now autumn is here

    With the season of mellow mists and fruitfulness upon us, it’s just about the end of the lawn-care year. And while some people will be heaving a sign of relief, secure in the knowledge that they can put the mower to bed for the winter, others will relish the last chance to make sure everything is ship-shape on the green grass carpet. So how exactly should you treat your lawn in October? Read more
  5. One thing that influences trends in gardens. Do you know what it is?

    What has the biggest effect on garden choices? Of course, it's ...

    TV. Simples. Television has a profound effect on our garden plant and product choices and ideas. TV gardening shows set the stage for things to come. They showcase new plants and ideas and act as a 'catwalk' at which audiences can ogle. Structures, paving, styles and statues, once they appear on TV they pop up elsewhere too. What are the current gardening trends and should you take any notice of them? The day after airing, hundreds of viewers think about replicating at least part of what they've seen. We are a highly impressionable lot! Read more
  6. Three reasons to have a statue or ornament in your garden

    Gnomes; Goddesses; dragons and dogs - what's the point of garden statues? Surely they perform no useful function? Well, yes... and no. There are three good reasons why you might like to have a statue or few. What's your view - are they useless junk or valuable art? You decide.

    Read more
  7. Plant names explained in simple terms. How does a plant become an Elizabeth, Anne, or Ernest?

    Are you someone who is able to walk around a gorgeous garden and name just about every plant you see? Or do you find that plant names only get as far as the tip of your tongue and refuse to emerge in a coherent form? Why is it that common names are often far easier to remember than botanical versions? Why, even, do we need ‘proper’ names when everyone knows what we are talking about when we ask for St. John’s Wort; Ragged Robbin or Lungwort?

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  8. A potted history of garden design. 12 styles of outdoor spaces

    We have been in love with gardens for thousands of years. Gardens have evolved and continue to do so. The history of outdoor design is a story that spans the ages right back to prehistoric times. Details of historic garden design would fill volumes, but for convenience this can be vastly simplified into 12 main categories. Let's take a look...

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  9. April Fool! Garden fun in the spring silly season

    Don’t be a fool this April! Garden fun for this spring month

    Clown, April Fool, garden, spring, fool, April Spot the fool... is it you? Think you can plant out your summer bedding this April? You would be a fool – there is always a chance of frost and even snow and your plants will all expire. Read more
  10. Three Wise Kings and Things for Christmas

    It's the right time of year for a Christmas story...

    (and don't worry, there's still time to order for delivery before Christmas)

    This is all about the wise.  Not owls, like this stone plant pot cover and this owl woven planter Owl, plant, pot, wise, Christmas, story, Xmas, gifts The wise old stone plant pot cover £7.50 (+p&p) Owl, plant, pot, planter, container, Christmas, gift, Xmas A wise owl woven planter Read more
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