1. How to protect your garden from slugs and snails and avoid SLUGfest in summer

    Are slugs and snails having a feast at your expense?

    It’s summer time and slugfest has started! In these day of enlightenment (or an awakening of common sense), it would be encouraging to hope that most people have sealed their poisonous pots for good. But how do you stop slugs and snails (not to mention vine weevils and lily beetles) from decimating your patch of paradise?

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  2. How to deal with pests in the garden. Slugs, snails and nibbling insects

    Spring time is a period when many people think about brightening up their outdoor spaces. In May it's time (depending on the weather) to plant out bedding and put out some hanging baskets. Cold snaps in spring have a habit of having their wicked way with anyone who is a little premature with their planting. But the early spring is a tempting time. Temperatures can often reach over 20 degrees celsius, especially in warmer areas of the UK. But how do you stop slimy beasts from snacking on your plants?

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  3. Slugs and snails and tales of puppy dogs. 8 ways to deal with pests.

    There are at least 8 ways to deal with the chomping, guzzling gastropods that are SLUGS. Some years there are only a few, but other springs and summers there are oodles. It all depends on the weather. Slug and snail eggs need warmth in order to hatch. They also need moisture.  Wise gardeners might want to gear up for a slimy invasion of leaf-chomping mayhem.

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