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  • Most popular house plants for 2017

    Amazing Alocasia and other plants that are popular in 2017!

    Who would have thought that what were once thought of as humble house plants would be the main group of plants to enjoy the greatest surge of popularity over the last three years? This indeed is the case, as has been witnessed in garden centres and nurseries across the UK. Many outlets report that house plant sales have quadrupled and that they now represent around 10 per cent of overall turnover.  Why?
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  • Three reasons to have a statue in your garden

    Gnomes; Goddesses; Dragons and Dogs. What’s the point of garden statues?

    Why would you bother to put a statue in your garden? They are useless, aren't they? Well, yes... and no. There are three good reasons why you might like to have a statue or few.
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