1. Can plants help in the fight against coronavirus? Air purifying houseplants to aid good heath

    The subject of health is a hot topic at all times, but particularly during pandemics such as coronavirus which has spread to every continent except for Antarctica. There’s no escaping the concern and during such times the media relays regular news updates together with advice. Businesses, in particular, are on high alert during times of epidemics. During the coronavirus episode, guidance was issued regarding preventative measures including hand-washing and self-isolating at the first signs of a potential problem. We all know about the 20-second cleansing routine and probably noticed that prices soared for supplies that were in demand, such as hand sanitisers – not to mention the toilet roll obsession! That particular problem and similar issues makes the world seem a smaller place. It seems that viruses have no regard for country boundaries. So, given that the bugs are around, is there anything else that we can all do to help safeguard our households?

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  2. What flowers can you see in spring? Some early-flowering beauties including primroses and polyanthus

    In early spring, from March onwards, there's a pop of colour under the hedgerows, in gardens and on sunny banks. Spring flowers emerge, despite wind, rain, sleet and ice. It’s what they do. The harbingers of better weather will appear, come what may. They are suited to just about all conditions, with the exception of complete flooding, and will raise their merry little faces – providing some much-needed cheer.

    Let's start with the Primula family. They are one of the nation's best-loved spring flowers and certainly deserve to be. But do you know the difference between primrose, cowslip, oxslip, primula and polyanthus?

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