1. How to make a small garden feel great. A bit of garden magic

    If your garden is small... tiny even, you need to think BIG. Small can be both beautiful and better. Why? Because a small garden can be designed in a way that brings exactly what's wanted, without breaking the bank. It can also be micro-managed and maintained more easily, thus bringing the ultimate in satisfaction. Here's how to do it...

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  2. What is lavender? 6 reasons to love this aromatic subshrub

    Of all the scented, colourful and varied aromatic plants that you might choose to place in a sunny garden, Lavender is just about tops for popularity. It's small enough to squeeze into a courtyard, a balcony and even a window box. It will give you far more value than just about any other plant because it can be enjoyed in at least six different ways...

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  3. Oranges, lemons, limes, can you grow citrus fruits in the UK?

    A zest for citrus fruit? How easily do oranges, lemons and limes grow in the UK? They are, in fact, perfectly able to survive. There’s something amazing about the sight of fresh, vibrant fruits growing boldly on even small sized plants. Grapefruits, particularly, are a sight to behold, weighing down small branches with seemingly ridiculous comedy.

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  4. How to choose plants to suit your zodiac star sign. Which one are you?

    Have you ever considered how to pick the right house plant or garden plant for your astrological symbol? A zodiac star sign can easily be linked to a plant and your choice might be more important than you think!   You can choose a plant to fit your personality and bring harmony into your life. Here are some suggestions from Perfect Plants:

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  5. Plants that can cope with extremes of weather. Living on the edge

    The right plant in the right place is the thing to do. Choose appropriate plants for a dry garden as it's possible for them to survive without extra water. And use plants to soak up water in flood and waterlogged zones.

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