1. How to keep cool in the summer garden

    There are many ways to try keeping cool during hot, dry and sunny weather. Some are obvious and others, less so. Garden umbrellas are probably the first line of defence. Put up several before the sun rises, and not only will the shade provide a mini-refuge, but the air flow around the umbrella will create a little breeze too. You don't need a fancy stand, some garden parasols, such as the Eazy Shade from Cave Innovations, come with multi-function clips and clamps so that they can attach to chairs and tables. 

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  2. How to deal with insect pests such as horseflies, mosquitoes and things that bite in the garden.

    A hot, dry summer provides ideal conditions for many things. Some plants love the weather, including cacti; succulents; alpines; ornamental grasses such as Stipa gigantea; Agarves; Bougainvillea; Portulaca; Oleander; poppy; lavender and most silvery or furry-leafed plants. But other things thrive in the heat too - including FLIES and other insects. What can you do about this problem?

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  3. Is your garden bare? 12 ways to plug the summer flowering gap

    'My garden has no colour or flowers during mid to late summer'. Is this you? If so, you might want to plug your summer flowering gap. It's easier than you might think. Here's 12 suggestions to help you fill the garden with colour:

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  4. Cactus plants and how to keep them. Are you in love with cacti?

    What is it about cactus plants that is so appealing? They are prickly beasts that can sometimes rip open your skin and tear your clothes. You can't really stroke or hug them without a little fear. They can poke you in the eye and leave prickles in your fingers. Most of them are at home in arid, inhospitable landscapes where survival seems to be 'on the edge'. But never has there been such a strong following of all things ugly, prickly, statuesque and, well, weird, in terms of house plants. Why?

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