1. 10 of the best flowering cherry trees for spring in the UK

    April and May are the peak periods for tree blossom, during which time the majority of flowering, ornamental cherry trees will be covered in blousy blooms. But which is best? With so many to choose from, you might want to utilise the coveted Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Award of Garden Merit (AGM) to help you select. We’ve sorted ten of the best AGM ornamental cherries – one of which could come to a garden near you. Early spring is the perfect time to plant, but you can plant container-grown trees at any time of year, provided you are prepared to water them regularly.

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  2. Can you guess which spring flower has been voted the best? It's time to plan your spring garden

    The approach of winter is the very best time to turn your thoughts towards spring. In fact, there's no better season in which to plan your burst of garden joy. Everything you plant in autumn will be preparing to deliver something magical in the near future. During difficult times when people need a positive boost to spirits, the act of planting is excellent therapy.

    Many plants that flower in spring come from bulbs planted in the autumn. But there are also some noteworthy perennials that are spring stars too. Which species do you think wins the popularity vote?

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  3. How to open your garden to the public under the NGS National Garden Scheme

    Ever thought about opening your garden to visitors? You don’t need a garden that looks like Hampton Court in order to open it to the public. Your garden could be of interest to others, provided it is considered to be ‘worth visiting’ and to be exceptional in certain respects. You might want to look at joining the NGS open garden scheme. The criteria for open gardens uner the NGS is ‘quality, character and interest’.  The National Garden Scheme (NGS) reputedly recommends that the garden needs to 'offer 45 minutes of interest to visitors'.

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  4. How to grow your own. It's never too late or too soon to dip a toe into the allotment.

    Have you ever fancied having an allotment? It's definitely become a growing trend. There's no time better than NOW to get involved in your local community growing area, should you be lucky enough to have one. It seems that grow your own has enjoyed a surge in popularity over the past decade or so as people appreciate the value of organically-grown, top quality produce together with the enormous satisfaction that can be gained from the entire growing process.

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  5. Why you should do these six important gardening jobs as soon as spring arrives

    March often comes bowling in 'like a lion' and temperatures can be well down into minus figures. However, as soon as storms have abated, there's not a moment to spare. Here are six garden tasks to attend to as soon as possible -  because we all know that the month can end 'like a lamb' and soaring temperatures will result in a fantastic growth spurt outdoors.

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