1. Why you should plant Clematis in early spring

    Clematis are the vertical stars of the garden and there's good reason why you need to plant them as soon as spring is in the air! It's definitely Clematis time as soon as the days grow longer and the air feels a little warmer. 

    These versatile climbers are bursting into growth and during early spring, most begin to show new shoots. They might not be immediately noticeable, but there's always a lot going on just beneath the soil in March and April. Why is early spring the best time to plant some of these spectacular climbing plants?

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  2. Palm trees for indoor and out. Which palms are hardy in the UK?

    What is it about palm trees that give so much pleasure? Is it because they evoke a hoiday mood? And are they hardy in the UK? Here is a selection of four hardy palms for UK gardens and three excellent palm varieties for indoors too. Just be aware that some palm trees are difficult to source due to plant passport requirements to help guard against pests and diseases.

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  3. 11 unusual fruit crosses that will make your taste buds quiver. Plumcot anyone?

    Plumcot anyone? Do you have any idea what this even is? But why the weird and unusual fruit? Perhaps you have tasted some of the many strange fruit crosses, or hybrid fuiits, that are now available and maybe you are tempted to plant your own unusual fruit tree or bush?There are many different crosses of fruits now and we have selected just 11 fruit trees and bushes for the experimental gardener. 

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  4. Love is in the air during February. Here are LIVING Valentine's Day gift ideas

    February is a month of hope. The spring is approaching, new life is stirring. Let's cross our fingers that the month brings happiness and maybe even some love for Valentine's Day. Here are a few suggestions for special gifts for loved ones, especially living gifts that will grow and prosper alongside a relationship.

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