1. Fashion versus tradition in the garden. What are the latest garden trends?

    Should you keep up with fashion trends in the garden?

    You might not associate plants and gardens as being subject to fashion, but they are indeed. For instance, you can date many gardens by looking at their planting style or choice of hard landscaping materials. Here's a run down of what has been around before, and how you can start to update your outside space.

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  2. A definition of mindfulness and how best to achieve it

    Mindfulness is the key to happiness, so we are told. There's no getting away from the fact that this would be a highly desirable state of being to achieve. But how is it done?

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  3. How to achieve kerb appeal in a front garden and lighten your mood

    Does your front garden have kerb appeal? What does the view of your home say about you, and how much does it matter? In fact, do you ever step back to notice how it looks? The chances are that you concentrate on your back garden because it’s more private and you spend a greater amount of time in it. Front gardens are generally more for ‘show’ than for ‘play’, but they are places through which people walk all year round, whatever the weather.

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  4. Hurrah for Hellebores, six reasons to want some of these winter wonders

    The Hellebore season is almost here. At the dawn of the new year, these sturdy perennials begin to shine. Despite their fragile appearance, they can withstand just about anything that nature brings. Snow, ice, rain, they just don't really care. What will damage them is too much direct sunlight (hardly likely in January). Position them in shady places so they are protected during the hotter parts of the year. They also won't enjoy sitting in a permanent bog. But apart from that, they are dynamite!

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