1. Inside out plants: turning design on its head

    On trend indoors and out - when is a house plant not a house plant?

    Have you noticed the recent trend in garden and interior design? The indoor/outdoor scene seems to be morphing and merging into one!  The division between home and garden has faded. We are now seeing furniture, accessories and planting used interchangeably indoors and out.  How can this work? Read more
  2. Four things to avoid when planting a tree

    Crimes against trees, don't be guilty of committing these planting offences! 

    Whatever tree you plan to plant (and every garden should have at least one), the most important gift you can donate is to plant it correctly. This will help to prevent major problems in the future, including dangerous loss of tree limbs and indeed the demise of the entire tree together with the hazards this poses to nearby people and property. Around 80 per cent of unstable trees have been incorrectly planted, leading to a problem in the root zone. Read more
  3. 15 plants that will help to repel bugs in your garden

    Bugged by bugs in your garden? Here’s 15 plants that can keep biting insects at bay.

    The summer, for all its joy and wonder, can pack a bit of a bite when it comes to insects. Even if you don’t live in the wilds of Bonnie Scotland, there are plenty of flying perils – especially around the time of evening barbecues. Most of us are a bit wary of applying chemicals to body or garden in order to keep bugs at bay. But there are other ways of fending off the mosquitoes, midges and other creatures that like to snack on human flesh! Read more
  4. What's changed in 50 years in our constantly evolving gardens? 10 changes that gardeners have witnessed.

    10 gardening habits that have changed over the last 50 years.

    A lot has changed in 50 years. Did your granny or perhaps great granny like to see the soil between the plants and expect garden shrubs to stay in neat little mounds? She probably expected the edges to be trimmed by shears rather than strimmer and enjoyed the sight of freshly dug soil. Hedges needed to be neatly trimmed at all times; weeds must be immediately banished to the compost heap and neatness should reign supreme. Read more
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