1. How to deal with pests in the garden. Slugs, snails and nibbling insects

    Spring time is a period when many people think about brightening up their outdoor spaces. In May it's time (depending on the weather) to plant out bedding and put out some hanging baskets. Cold snaps in spring have a habit of having their wicked way with anyone who is a little premature with their planting. But the early spring is a tempting time. Temperatures can often reach over 20 degrees celsius, especially in warmer areas of the UK. But how do you stop slimy beasts from snacking on your plants?

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  2. The beginner's guide to growing vegetables in a small space.

    New to vegetable growing? Where to start…

    You don’t need a huge plot or an allotment in order to ‘grow your own’ vegetables. Even with a tiny space you can grow something worthwhile. It does take just a bit of time investment in the early stages as the key lies in good preparation. The smaller the space, the more organised you must be. Read more
  3. Grange herb wheel competition winner: announcing the winning poem!

    And the winner is...

    Yvonne Osborne, who lives in North Yorkshire. The standard of entries was extremely high and it was a VERY difficult decision to choose a winner. Eventually the following poem was chosen and we hope you will agree that she is a deserving winner: Read more
  4. What plants can I put on my balcony?

    Plants for a balcony, i.e. gardening for the garden-less

    Not everyone has a garden. Indeed, many people live in flats, apartments and maisonettes which might not even have a balcony. Perhaps you live in a tiny terrace with just a back yard. If this describes you, it would be easy to assume that gardening doesn’t feature very high on your list of priorities. Read more
  5. Ideas for Easter: how to get the kids outdoors this spring

    How to have fun during the Easter holidays

    Easter is approaching (Sunday 16 April) and the glorious, warming weather provides a great incentive for all of us to enjoy the garden. Get the kids outdoors having fun during the school holidays now and they will form habits that will last through the summer. Read more
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