1. The 3 most popular festive plants bringing Christmas cheer

    How to care for festive plants received as Christmas gifts.

    The countdown has begun and there are just five days to go before Christmas day has arrived. All this fuss and preparation just for one day! But what lasts much longer are your festive plants which you might be lucky enough to receive. The three most popular plants at Christmas are: Read more
  2. Six facts about Christmas trees and one word of warning!

    Why do we love Christmas trees? A potted history follows:

    There’s little time at Christmas to concentrate on the garden, but there is one gorgeous element of the natural world that plays an important part in all the festivities. It’s the Christmas tree and this forms a central point around which the celebrations are concentrated. Should you buy a fake or real Christmas tree?

    Read more
  3. 10 festive plants that bring Christmas alive


    Deck the halls - can you name 10 of the most festive plants at Christmas time?

    Plants form some of the strongest icons of Christmas. There are many festive characters that can be disputed, (Santa does exist of course) but others lie at the roots of December’s festivities. Let's look at some of the most popular. Read more
  4. How plants can help your allergy and make a perfect gift.

    Know someone who suffers from allergies? Plants make great presents.

    Almost half of the UK population suffers from an allergy of one sort or another, according to recent research. Each year the number of sufferers increases by about five per cent.  The most common allergy is to pollen, followed by house dust mites, pets, mould and various foodstuffs. People with allergies obviously try very hard not to expose themselves to the substances that affect them. It seems that the more they come into contact with problematic allergens, the worse their reaction seems to feel. cat, dog, allergy, sneezing, health, ill, dust, mites, houseplants, plants, sick Sweet cats and dogs. But not so fine if you suffer from a pet allergy. But there's one group of gifts that might actually help to improve the lives of many of these people. Read more