1. What do you know about tree ferns? These beauties are one of the oldest plants known to man.

    Have you been bitten by the tree fern bug yet?

    This bite isn’t something you might suffer from a nibbling plant pest, but an emotional desire to share part of a growing horticultural quirk. Tree ferns are rather amazing, elegant palm-like plants with huge fronds and they have become highly desirable. Why do we love tree ferns? Read more
  2. Plant a flowering cherrry, there's a blossom tree for every garden

    Flowering cherries want to be seen. Plant a tree for all to see!

    The autumn equinox has arrived and the daylight hours now match the length of darkness. Lamenting the loss of summer? There's  a change in the light which makes interesting shadows, but we have the promise of more sunshine on the way. This is a real bonus in September as this is a time during which many of us mourn the passing of the beloved season that allows all things to seem possible. But to perk up your autumn even further, you might like the thought of some spring blossom to look forward to. Read more
  3. Turning up the heat. It's the hottest September since 1911!

    Turning up the heat in the garden. Coping with climate change

    Heat... how wonderful that most of us are able to continue wearing summer clothes. It’s officially the hottest September since 1911. An Indian summer is a great thing for most of us and for our gardens. Or is it? What do these unusually warm spells mean for our plants? Do plants like the heat or will they wilt and lose the will to live? Generally the warm weather has a positive impact because annuals keep flowering and everything continues to grow. But there are some late-performing plants that would be much happier with cool and damp conditions. In fact the weather in the UK can have a gradual effect on many of our familiar plants. Some think that the traditional green and pleasant land will not fit the description for many more years. Read more
  4. Six sustainable steps along the path to a better world

    Greening up lives. The way forward in sustainable steps

    We’ve all become accustomed to the many, varied and sometimes curious words connected to ‘sustainability’ and the environment. Related terminology is now part of the national lingo. Hopefully, by now, most people lead at least partial sustainable lives and are ‘environmentally aware’.  Even if you choose to ignore the message, there's no doubt  that it is up to each and every one of us to play a part in protecting the planet. What part do gardens play in all this? Quite a large part, actually... Read more
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