1. Danger for dogs, cats and children. Is your home and garden safe?

    Pets and plants. Do they make perfect partners? The garden is a great place for children and pets, right? Correct. But it's sensible to be aware of the potential dangers out there too. Of course there are plenty of practical hazards to be negotiated in both homes and gardens. Particularly the transition between the two. Both pets and children can fall out of windows. One would hope that parents and carers pay great attention to the supervision of children. But perhaps not so with pets.

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  2. How to feel better without buying any health products.

    Want to improve your health? Here's a simple solution which can help everyone.

    It is now officially recognised that gardens are actually good for you. It's all about the plants, the air and the physical space occupied by gardens. Coupled with the psychological health benefits that being amongst plants can provide. Read more
  3. Six reasons to look upwards. Vertical space in the garden

    Think vertical. It adds a new dimension to your garden

    If there’s one aspect of a garden which is often ignored, it’s the vertical. This isn’t vital in large gardens where trees and larger structures provide plenty going on in an upwards sense. But in a small space it is foolish not to take advantage of the exciting opportunity to branch towards the sky. Read more
  4. Plant names explained in simple terms. How does a plant become an Elizabeth, Anne, or Ernest?

    Are you someone who is able to walk around a gorgeous garden and name just about every plant you see? Or do you find that plant names only get as far as the tip of your tongue and refuse to emerge in a coherent form? Why is it that common names are often far easier to remember than botanical versions? Why, even, do we need ‘proper’ names when everyone knows what we are talking about when we ask for St. John’s Wort; Ragged Robbin or Lungwort?

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