1. Five tips to take home from RHS Chelsea Flower Show

    What can we take home from Chelsea Flower Show? The beautiful gardens at RHS Chelsea Flower Show are currently taking centre stage. But in just a few days they will be swiftly de-constructed and brushed away. They will leave only memories and indentations in the grounds of the Royal Hospital. So what’s it all about? Do we wander around the RHS Chelsea Flower show with stars in our eyes, wondering at the foolishness of our own gardens? Should we be planning to implement similar huge Jurassic plates of bronze with gently tumbling ‘natural’ rills in our own backyard?  How on earth did we manage without a huge outdoor garden room complete with stained glass windows and champagne glasses arranged artistically on a chromium tray? Read more
  2. Box blight or box caterpillar: have you got these problems? What to do about buxus diseases

    Is there anyone who hasn’t yet been affected by Box Blight or any other problems resulting in Buxus becoming sick? You don’t have to look very far or particularly hard before noticing that the fungal diseases spreading around Buxus sempervirens is showing no signs of abating. In fact it’s unusual to see box that hasn’t been attacked by die-back or yellowing, especially topiary pieces and parterres. So what can be done about these devastating problems?

    Read more
  3. Will you suffer a summer flowering garden gap and drought?

    Six garden pleasures to enjoy and drought problems to avoid this spring and summer

    From May through to at least September we can bask in the hope and even the reality that the garden is ready to be enjoyed. The suggestion of a drought feels like a welcome change after the chilly start to the spring! Evenings, weekends and daytime too. This is the time of year that anything seems possible. Dining outdoors; swinging in a hammock; entertaining friends; barbecues; garden games; and relaxing. Take some time out to sit in the sun when it appears, then save your gardening tasks for the cloudier times when you’ll be glad of the shade. Read more
  4. Top Ten herbs you should never be without. How to grow your own.

    10 herbs to grow for health this summer, don't delay!

    Herbs make your cooking come alive. These flavoursome plants are invaluable in the kitchen – so why not grow your own? There’s a herb for almost every occasion you can think of, from the spiciest dish to the most delicate of cakes. Herbs and spices are good for you. And it’s well known that the dried goods on most supermarket shelves have been sitting there for a long time - their nutritional value has therefore been depleted. Read more
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