1. April Fool! Garden fun in the spring silly season

    Don’t be a fool this April! Garden fun for this spring month

    Clown, April Fool, garden, spring, fool, April Spot the fool... is it you? Think you can plant out your summer bedding this April? You would be a fool – there is always a chance of frost and even snow and your plants will all expire. Read more
  2. Pretty Plants... but some are invasive thugs. Which?

    Invasive plants! Avoid these for garden harmony!

    So many pretty plants. But do you want them in your garden? Some, certainly. Others, definitely not. Plants have many different appealing features and many of these are highly desirable. Beautiful bling on the foliage front, perhaps. Scent to drool over. Flowers that flaunt themselves. Great structure. But there’s more to some plants than initially meets the eye. Read more
  3. Time for contemplation...resurrect your garden this Easter

    Eight garden thoughts to contemplate as Easter approaches

    It’s almost Easter! A mellow holiday weekend during which time you might want to contemplate the shape of things to come in your garden. This is the start of the outdoor season and it's a great time to organise your space. Does your garden need a makeover? In the same way that new beginnings commence at Easter, you can breathe new life and ideas into your garden. Egg, Easter, spring, chick, garden, design, outdoors, plants New beginnings: Easter is a time for fresh ideas and it's the start of the outdoor season. Read more
  4. 10 trees with great appeal for small to medium gardens

    These small trees are blooming marvellous in spring

    We all know about March winds and the fact that we still have the occasional frost or even snow at this time of year. But March is a month of variables and it can be warm enough to sit out on a deckchair, should you have such a thing. Most flowering plants in early spring keep low to the ground. They hug the banks and woodland edge, or keep their small heads slightly bowed in order to thrive.  But the show is all set to begin. There are so many plants that are about to burst into glory. The spectacle that generally launches everyone’s hearts and hopes is the blossom that adorns bare dark branches of ornamental trees, propelling the growing season to a pinnacle. Read more
  5. Spring into the March garden. When does spring start?

    When does the elusive season of spring actually start? Does it happen in the first week of March? It's a question that people ask every year. Especially when there's snow in the air and the garden is freezing. Well, the answer is both yes and maybe.

    Read more
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