1. Harmful chemicals in the home

    DID YOU KNOW that coal miners’ canaries were made redundant as recently as 1986? These chirpy creatures were replaced by electronic detectors which are able to warn of harmful gases down in the coal mines. Canaries are excellent indicators of chemicals in the air and their distress alerted coal miners to the presence of harmful gases.

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  2. CELEBRATE the Chinese New Year!

    Chinese New Year is coming... prepare to wear RED and celebrate on Monday, Feb 8th.

    The New Year is approaching! And even if you have only just sobered up after the most recent New Year celebrations, this Chinese version needs a bit more of your attention. But what exactly does it mean? Read more
  3. Blooming sensations in winter. Are the flowers early?

    What’s blooming in your garden?

    There’s no doubt that winter in the south east has been mild up until now. Like it or loathe it, there’s not a lot that we can do to control the weather. But what effect does this have on your garden? There have been many reports of early blooms appearing in the damp but warm air. Many attribute their welcome but unexpected delight to the effects of climate change. In fact in some places it is estimated that flowers are out six months early! Some roses, for example haven’t stopped blooming since last summer. Read more
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