1. Happy New Year

    New Year, new shoots, enjoy turning over a new leaf

    New Life, new year, 2016, resolutions The turning of a year is a great opportunity for making a fresh start A new year. The turning of a seasonal page is, of course, a great opportunity to make a fresh start. It’s probably no surprise that nearly half the UK population use the occasion to draw up a list of New Year’s resolutions. And do you know what the most popular New Year’s resolutions are?  You can probably guess at least three of them. Here they are: Read more
  2. Three Wise Kings and Things for Christmas

    It's the right time of year for a Christmas story...

    (and don't worry, there's still time to order for delivery before Christmas)

    This is all about the wise.  Not owls, like this stone plant pot cover and this owl woven planter Owl, plant, pot, wise, Christmas, story, Xmas, gifts The wise old stone plant pot cover £7.50 (+p&p) Owl, plant, pot, planter, container, Christmas, gift, Xmas A wise owl woven planter Read more
  3. Christmas Trees: keep them sparkling!

    Ode to the Christmas Tree. 

    There’s nothing quite like a real tree for the ultimate Christmas atmosphere. The sight; the scent; the effect. Real trees seem to cast better shadows; they hold the lights and decorations with rather more individual charm; they fill the house with aroma and they arouse the senses. But which variety might you buy; how should you look after it; and what about the dangers? Read more
  4. Winter Warmers!

    Warm your winter with some radiant plants!

    One of the things that we all need during winter is warmth. Most of us are fortunate to have centrally heated homes – or at least a heater of some sort around which to huddle when skies are grey. But warmth and cheer don’t always go together. There’s nothing visually soothing about a radiator. Read more
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