1. Christmas trees and living gifts for a gardener's delight.

    Gardening and Christmas: a marriage made in heaven!

    Where would we be without the humble Christmas tree? You don’t need to be a gardener or even a garden-lover to be able to appreciate the sight of a twinkling, festive tree. It’s one of the symbols of Christmas that most of us love to see.  But why a tree at Christmas? Read more
  2. Plants on Acid. The 'high' that's entirely legal

    Garden plants on acid, and it's all legal!

    Some plants just love to take a trip on acid. And this is not something that attracts disapproval. In fact there are whole families of plants that are on a permanent ‘high’, because that is exactly where they originate from. Rhododendrons, for example, like to live on steep slopes that lead down into valleys in the Himalayas and south eastern Tibet. Read more
  3. The most under-used group of plants... possibly! What is it?

    What can you plant in inhospitable spaces:  under trees; in the shade; against a wall; even ON a vertical face? The answer is FERNS.

    If there’s one group of plants that is vastly under-used, it's ferns. Think of an outdoor space that's rarely planted. How about the shady place under trees? You could consider this to be a perfect marriage: ferns and shade. Read more
  4. Why do we love Japanese garden design?

    Look at a Japanese 'Zen' garden and you feel a comforting wave of calm wash over your soul. Why?

    It's all about a spiritual sense of place that is historically linked to the Japanese culture. Garden design in Japan is connected to the philosophy and religion of the country. Buddhism, Taoism and Shinto all bring a spiritual sense to a garden. This encourages people to be peaceful and meditative. Read more
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