1. 10 good reasons to surround yourself with houseplants!

    10 Reasons why YOU need House Plants

    It’s official! Surrounding yourself with house plants and office plants can enhance your health and your life. And it’s not just about aesthetics. Plants looks beautiful and they have calming properties that help to combat stress. They also help people stay healthy. We all know that plants give out oxygen, but actually they do far more than this. The foliage of plants absorbs gases through pores.  Yes, this includes carbon dioxide which fuels photosynthesis but it also includes many other gases including many different volatile organic compounds. Read more
  2. Let's shout out for shrubs!

    Six reasons to shower praise on shrubs

    Why should we be shouting out for shrubs? Let's look to nature to teach us. If you absorb the sights of the countryside you will see that it's the season for shrubs and trees. Impressive; stately; astonishing; colourful; architectural. They've got it all, whichever adjective you choose.   In fact, it's the shrubs and trees that make the UK into a historically green and pleasant land. Although now it is not only green but also orange, yellow, gold, amber, red, purple and green of course. Read more
  3. Bee friendly to reap the rewards

    The sweetest thing is a bee

    As National Honey Week approaches, (25-31 October), it's time to celebrate the honey harvest. But will any busy bees be joining in the party? Depending on the weather, the answer will probably be no, they’ll be huddling in a cluster in order to keep warm.  Let’s look at why bees are so important – and see what we can do to help these flying insects. Read more
  4. 8 of the best autumn fruits and interesting stems

    The flowers are fading in the garden. Leaves are falling. But the autumn fruits; interesting stems and stunning foliage are taking centre stage. In fact there is always excitement to be found outside, if you care to seek it out.

    Here's 8 of the best for autumn glory (in our opinion):

    Read more
  5. Green up your roof!

    10 steps to install a GREEN ROOF on your shed, or even your home

    A green roof...why would you install such a thing? Your shed looks perfectly 'shed-like' with its roofing felt. In fact it's just a shed and you barely give it a second glance. shed garden A garden shed. How boring is that? Read more
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