1. Which plants love bathing in the rain? Here's 5 of the best

    What to do when it rains

    It’s obvious what garden-lovers should be doing when there is precipitation cascading from above. Plan for plants that like the conditions! This is the UK, after all, and one thing is certain – even in areas that are considered to be ‘deserts’ (Dungeness), there is generally quite a bit of rain and there are wet, boggy areas that need a special type of planting.

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  2. How can I love my late summer garden?

    It’s late August already. Can you believe it? We wait all year for summer and it seems to be over in a flash. But actually, August in the garden can be a strange month so perhaps we should celebrate it drawing to an end. There’s an air of neglect and wistfulness because schools are closed; people are away on holiday; streets and shops in local towns and villages can be quieter… and many plants are showing a bit of middle-aged wilt. The exuberance of early season has gone. But in its place comes some wonderful treats: Hydrangea; Perovskia; Helenium; Rudbeckia and many more.

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  3. Six reasons to get the children out into the garden!

    Summer holidays!  How to have fun with the children...

    The children are enjoying some 'down-time', the sun is shining, the garden is blooming and all is well in your world. Or is it? Are the kids squabbling? Are they bored? Scratchy (the children, not the dog)? It's raining. The flowers are battered. In fact there aren't many flowers, most of them have finished blooming. This is summer. The pinnacle of desire. You have waited all year for this moment and now it's not working out quite as you wished.

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  4. Six Garden Tasks for August. Time to relax... or is it? Summer in the garden

    Tra-la-lah, it's August! You might be spending time this month away on a holiday beach. But if you are a garden-lover, the chances are that you will want to enjoy relaxing in your own special outdoor space. After all, this is the month in which you have the best opportunity to reap the rewards of your labours. August is all about r&r. Isn't it? What could possibly go wrong?

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