1. Do You Have Five Gardening Friends?

    Do you have five 'Gardening Friends'?  Tell us who they are...

    Everybody needs friends and most gardeners feel they have many. There's all those lovely plants of course; the creatures in the pond; the birds that visit the table and of course the people that gardeners meet during any sort of garden-related activity. It's no surprise that gardeners generally accumulate a network of like-minded pals. There's the local horticultural club or garden society; the allotmenteers; the neighbours who share plants and information; the garden centre buddies; the elderly residents who are grateful to have a bit of help. When you garden, a budding social world presents itself. Read more
  2. Get Set for Summer. 10 Drought Tolerant Plants that Love to Sizzle

    Get Set for Summer. 10 Drought Tolerant Plants that Love to Sizzle

    It’s the Summer Solstice this Sunday, 21 June! It also happens to be Fathers’ Day…  For garden-lovers the summer solstice means you get to spend the longest day in your favourite place. It's the day when the sun rises early and goes to bed late. It’s also a great excuse for a party; a celebration; a lie-in; a day-off; a trip to the beach; a day on the garden lounger … anything that makes you feel happy. Read more
  3. Four easy steps to make a herb basket

    Grow your own herbs for a divine culinary feast 

    It’s barbecue season! Grow herbs to add zing to your outdoor dining experience – it’s easy! Just pop some edible plants in pots or in the ground now and you will have herbs lasting all summer-long.  Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver offers a great chicken recipe for the barbecue and there are more enticing recipes using fresh herbs here. Read more
  4. What's your poison? Garden plants with a punch

    What’s the worst thing in the garden? Would you immediately think 'poison'? Many garden-lovers would say “prickles and thorns” (think Berberis) because gardening amongst these things can be a pain – literally. But of course these thorny beasts are brilliant for keeping animals (and burglars) away from certain areas.

    Read more
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