1. Roses - DID YOU KNOW these ten facts?

    Roses – the bloom of the moment

    It’s the last week of May and time for roses to do something very special. The buds are bursting into colour and throughout June they will bloom their socks off. The warm air will be filled with scented delight - a smell evocative of a quintessential summer. Read more
  2. How can history be a new idea in a garden?

    Did you know that the iconic Sussex Trug

    hails from Herstmonceux?

      Traditional trug made in Herstmonceux, East Sussex

    And did you know that this picturesque village is also home to Perfect Plants Ltd? 

    Why should you be interested? 

      Read more
  3. The Chelsea Flower Show - 10 reasons why you should visit

    Last week’s blog topic of miniature gardens leads nicely onwards to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show (19-23 May).  Undeniably wonderful, stimulating, inspirational (and any other positive adjectives that you care to plant in front), Chelsea is the place to be next week.The M&G Garden at Chelsea by Jo Thompson garden designer

    Why? Because the little patches of land that are transformed during these few days of floriferous frivolity at Chelsea are diminutive garden wonders. They have been engineered and preened in order to create a tiny portion of paradise. Just like miniature gardens, but bigger. They are ‘Honey, I shrunk the garden’ type of spaces. Let’s face it, if you have seen the Artisan Gardens at Chelsea you will appreciate that they do not represent the average suburban garden. Which is why designing them is such an accomplishment. Read more
  4. The Miniature World of Gardens

    With RHS Chelsea just around the corner (19-23 May), the entire topic of gardens is being ameliorated into the position of centre stage. It’s all about structure, landscaping, planting, colours, scent, water and above all else, enjoyment. Hurrah, that’s just as it should be. It’s the time of year when we all become even more enthusiastic about everything ‘planty’ and we take home a desire to improve our own little patch of paradise, if only in miniature. Read more