1. It's time for Hanging Baskets! An easy guide to making something beautiful with flowers

    ‍The merry month of May is just about the perfect month for most garden-lovers in the UK. There’s so much to look forward to, including RHS Chelsea and a plethora of planty things to enjoy right now. The lawns, as you will no doubt have noticed, are growing with a vibrant spring energy, but after you have mowed, weeded, pruned back those spring-flowering shrubs after flowers have faded, tended to the vegetable garden and washed down the garden furniture, it’s time to create hanging baskets! Think of them as complete gardens displayed in cascading splendour rather than just a few plants bunged into a basket.  Your creation needs structure, colour, feed, water and lots of imagination.

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  2. On your toes, get set... GROW - tomatoes! But why shouldn't you grow them from standard fruit seed?

    If you are thinking of growing tomotoes by using seed from fruit you are eating, a word of helpful advice. DON'T! But why not? 

    Firstly, let's look at WHEN you might start to grow tomatoes. They actually take quite a long time, at least least four months from sowing to fruiting. You can grow seeds very early in the spring season so that you can expect to eat their fruits at the end of summer. You can also buy your tomatoes as small plants slightly later in the spring. That might help you to laugh all the way to the larder.

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