1. Prolonging late summer colour

    Do you have lots of late summer colour? If there are gaps in your garden as summer wafts onwards towards autumn, never fear! You are not alone - in fact the latter part of the season is often referred to as ‘dire’ for flowers because of spent flowerheads, dryness and bright light. But this flowering vacuum can easily be filled - there are many stalwarts that bring a touch of magic to borders. What’s more, many of them will reappear year after year to ensure you have colour throughout the whole of summer. But which colours are your favourite? Psychologists agree that red is the most emotionally intense colour. It stimulates the breathing and heartbeat and this bold colour is comparatively difficult to place in a garden, although of course red roses are traditionally popular and ‘hot borders’ make a daring statement. Red provides drama and can be very effective as a 'stand-alone' feature in a pot.

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