Blechnum gibbum Silver Lady Fern in a 12cm Pot.

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blechnum silver lady 12
This tropical tree fern is very graceful and makes a lovely house plant. Blechnum gibbum ‘Silver Lady’ can go outdoors during the summer months but should be sheltered from the cold from September onwards.

• This is a dwarf tree fern with sturdy, bright green fronds. They are feathered and make an attractive form.

• There are around 200 species within the Blechnum fern family.

• This one will eventually reach a height of about 120cm.

• It hails from Fiji and the Pacific Islands where it grows as an under-storey plant in forests.

• It therefore likes filtered light and partial shade.

• Appreciates high humidity.

• Water with rain water or filtered water as this fern dislikes lime.

• Sold in a 12cm pot.

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