Begonia Beleaf Indian Summer house plant in 12cm pot. Painted leaf Begonia

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begonia indian summer 12

Begonia 'Indain Summer' is also known as the painted leaf begonia and it's not difficult to see why. The foliage is striking, with an intriguing leaf pattern and shape.

  • Exotic tropical plant that is easy to care for.
  • Likes a light position but out of full sun for best leaf colourings.
  • Can cope with a shady spot.
  • Lives high humidity. Spray the air around the plant with misted water in order to keep the foliage looking fresh.
  • Can produce small flowers but the plant is grown for its foliage rather than flowers.
  • Long-lived.
  • Feed during the growing season only.
  • Can be pruned back in the autumn and will re-sprout with fresh leaves.
  • Supplied in a 17cm pot.
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