Beaucarnea recurvata plant in a 24cm pot. Ponytail Palm. 90cm tall

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beaucarnea 24 90

Beaucarnea recurvata, also known as Nolina recurvata, is an unusual house plant which is also known as the ponytail palm and elephant's foot. This evergreen plant has a bulbous, trunk-like stem, at the top of which is a dense rosette of sword-shaped foliage which can extend eventually to around 100cm in length.

  • The plant grows naturally in Mexico.
  • Likes a warm, bright position indoors.
  • Water regularly during the growing season but less in winter.
  • Never let this plant stand in water.
  • Can eventually grow to a height of about 200cm.
  • This plant is growing in a 24cm pot.
  • Height of the plant is 90cm approx including the pot.
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