Avocado Pear Tree house plant in a 11cm pot Persea americana

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avocado plant 11

Persea americana is an avocado pear plant that can be treated as a houseplant here in the UK.

  • This is an evergreen plant that grows into a tree which can reach up to 20m tall in the wild.
  • Can produce flowers when the plant is semi-mature and these are greenish-yellow.
  • The pear-shaped fruits of mature trees can be eaten raw. Botanically, these are actually large berries that contain a big seed. 
  • The leaves can also be made into a tea or can be used in cooking. 
  • Likes a sunny spot indoors.
  • Is frost-tender so should not be left outdoors in autumn and winter. 
  • A young plant growing in an 11cm pot.
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