Asplenium nidus fern plant in a 17cm Pot. 30cm tall. Indoor fern

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asplenum nidus
Asplenium nidus, the birds' nest fern is a house plant here in the UK. In its natural habitat it will root itself into trees where it will act as an epiphytic species in warmer climates.

• This house plant provides a large, full leaf foliage effect which makes an interior feel lush and green.

• It is very good at filtering the air and is therefore an excellent plant to have around electrical equipment such as computers and printers.

• Asplenium nidus can be placed in a north facing window position as it doesn’t like high light levels.

• The glossy foliage is arranged in a circular pattern which resembles a bird’s nest – hence the common name!

• Easy to care for, these are good in bathrooms or kitchens because they like steam and high humidity. Mist the leaves if this is positioned elsewhere.

• Sold growing in a 17cm pot.

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