Asparagus sprengeri house plant in a 17cm pot. Asparagus fern

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asparagus sprengeri

Asparagus sprengeri is a cultivar of Asparagus densiflorus and is the most popular variety of this plant. Asparagus ferns look rather stylish when placed on a table or shelf. They can also be used in a hanging basket.

  • Like a sunny spot.
  • Can grow to over 90cms wide, given a large enough pot.
  • Produces cascading trailing stems or vines. 
  • The leaves are needle-like and bright green.
  • Can produce small white flowers which eventually turn into red betties.
  • The foliage includes thorns which are not easy to see.
  • Water regularly but sparingly and never allow this plant to sit in water.
  • This plant is growing in a 17cm pot.
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