Asparagus Sprengeri house plant in a 12cm pot. Asparagus fern

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asparagus sprengeri 12

Asparagus sprengeri is a cultivar of Asparagus densiflorus and this is one of the most popular varieties of this plant. Asparagus Ferns looks beautiful sitting on a table or hanging in a basket.

  • During the summer, these ferns are perfect plants to hang in a sunny spot on your porch.
  • In the proper location, Asparagus Ferns grow over 1m wide with cascading trailers extending up to 1m.
  • The long graceful vines of an Asparagus Fern are covered in tiny needle-like bright green leaves.
  • An added plus are the small white flowers that eventually turn into red berries.
  • Be careful, hidden in the lush foliage of an Asparagus Fern are little sharp thorns that are difficult to see.
  • Growing in a 12cm pot.
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