Asparagus plumosus house plant in a 17cm pot. Asparagus fern

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asparagus plu 17

Asparagus setaceus plumosus, is known as the asparagus fern, but in the wilds of South Africa it forms a climbing, drought-resitant vine with twining branches.

  • Often (incorrectly) referred to as a fern, this is an elegant plant, with slender stems and near horizontal spreading frond-like branches.
  • Initially bushy, the stems become more tendril-like as the plant matures, and it is then that you can see that it is actually a twining climber.
  • Prefers a bright spot but out of direct sunshine.
  • Keep slightly on the dry side and never allow this plant to sit in water.
  • Sold in a 17cm pot,
  • Plant is around 50cm tall (including pot) depending on the season.  


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