Annabel The Unicorn ceramic moneybox from Pomme Pidou. High gloss, decoupage finish. Choose the colour.

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Say hi to Annabel the Unicorn, a highly collectable moneybox from Pomme pidou. She comes with a rather beautiful gift box and each one is unique.

This mythical creature is Annabel the Unicorn. She's a Pomme pidou moneybox with a unique pattern and colouring.

Please be aware that the patterns will vary. Every Pomme pidou moneybox is unique because each is created by hand. The ceramic is poured into a mould and thereafter the animal is decorated with vibrant sheets of colourful designs. These are overlapped in a decoupage fashion and the sometimes distorted and blurring that occurs is all part of the animal's charm! No two Pomme pidou moneyboxes are the same, each one is slightly different.

Annabel measures approximately 18cms high x 18cms wide x 9cm deep. She is bright and vibrant, with a high gloss finish. She could make a perfect gift for any special occasion.

Comes with a colourful gift box, colours chosen at random.

Please note, the unicorn you receive might differ slightly from the picture in terms of colour and pattern as no two are the same.

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