Anigozanthos flavidus Pink plant in a 14cm Pot. Kangaroo Paw house plant

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Anigozanthos pink
Anigozanthos flavidus is also known as the evergreen kangaroo paw. Why? Because it has tubular, curved and densely hairy flowers that look rather like the paws of a kangaroo! Native to Western Australia, this can be found on roadsides and in swampy areas; also on river banks and in forests of Eucalyptus trees.

• Best grown as a house plant here in the UK as it is not fully hardy.

• The flowers are fluffy and change colour with age.

• Foliage is narrow and strappy, a bit like Iris leaves, with branching stems.

• This plant is actually a perennial herb, with evergreen leaves growing up to one metre long and two centimetres wide. In the wild it will form clumps up to two metres across.

• The plant is approximately 35cm in height and sold in a 14cm pot.

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