Alocasia Bambino Arrow house plant known as Elephant Ears in a 6cm Pot

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alocasia bambino arrow 6

Alocasia 'Bambino Arrow' is a high-impact house plant which has highly attractive foliage.

  • Leaves are dark but with strong silver patterning.
  • This tropical beauty has varied and attractive leaves with an exotic appearance.
  • It is a compact form of Alocasia, a plant that is often called Elephants Ears.
  • The plant likes to be positioned in a shady or semi-shady position, out of direct sunlight.
  • Allow the compost to partially dry before watering.
  • These plants can spend the summer in the garden, but in a shady position.
  • The ultimate height is only 35cm. Ideal on a shelf or office desk.
  • Starter plant in a 6cm pot. Great size for terrariums
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