Aglaonema White Lance house plant in 12cm pot. Chinese evergreen

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aglaonema white lance 12

Aglaonema 'White Lance' is also known as a Chinese Evergreen. The name aptly describes the unusual leaves which have creamy white, almost silvery sheen. They are margined by green.This house plant is tolerant of fairly low light levels, although the leaf colour will be more pronounced in a lighter position.

  • Often used within interior design, the Aglaonema is very easy to care for.
  • Has excellent air-purifying qualities.
  • Striking foliage.
  • The stems are pale green with dark green blotches.
  • Theleaves are narrow, long, glossy and lance-shaped.Has an upright form.
  • Clump-forming.
  • Prefers medium light but can also survive lower light levels.
  • Does not like direct sunlight.
  • Frost-tender.
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