Acer shirasawanum Moonrise tree in a 19cm pot. Japanese Maple

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acer moonrise

An amazing new form of Japanese Maple, that originated in the USA, 'Moonrise' is a tough, hardy variety that is differentiated by vibrant spring and summer foliage colour that really sets this maple apart from varieties of the past.

In spring the foliage begins bright red in colour initially, then transitions to a fresh yellow-green as it matures, in autumn it takes on shades of orange and then red before it falls.

Acer 'Moonrise' will reward you by forming a relatively compact, rounded shrub or small tree, creating a wonderful focal point in a small garden. In larger spaces, it couuld be used as a highlight in a shaded border, with a groundcovering of Hosta, Heuchera and Ferns carpeting the ground below. Supplied in approx 3 litre / 19cm containers.

Prefers a shady or semi-shaded site.

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