Acer saccharinum silver or river maple tree in a 12 litre pot

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Acer saccharinum is a fast-growing maple which is often called the silver or river maple. On the undersides of the leaves, the colour is silvery white and this catches the light in a breeze.

  • Deciduous.
  • Before leaves appear in spring, there are small yellowish-green flowers.
  • Leaves are five-lobed and coloured green during summer.
  • Foliage turns red and yellow in autumn.
  • A fast growing tree that can reach 25m tall.
  • Spread of around 15m.
  • Please note that library pictures are used.
  • The minimum height of the plant you will receive will be 175cm.
  • The tree will be despatched straight from the grower.
  • Please allow up to 7 days for delivery.
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