Acer Palmatum Koto-no-Ito Tree in a 19cm Pot. Japanese Maple.

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acer koto-no-ito
A wonderful, exciting variety of Japanese Acer, 'Koto No Ito' is Japanese for 'Harp Strings' referring to the very narrow foliage that this plant has. It bears five or seven lobed leaves and the lobes are exceptionally long, thin and narrow. They are similar to that of Bamboo, but leaves will differ in shape and size on the same plant.

In Summer, the leaves are an apple-green colour, but unusually, as Autumn approaches they turn stunning shades of bronze and golden yellow before dropping. With smooth, light-green bark that adds excellent Winter interest, this is a stunning and highly unusual Acer worthy of any collection.

Shelter from strong winds. Prefers dappled shade. Can scorch in direct sunlight.

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