Acer palmatum Going Green small Japanese maple tree in 19cm pot

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Acer palmatum 'Going Green' is a Japanese maple which has bright, lime green foliage in early spring, turning lush green during summer, then changing to golden-bronze in the autumn. Once the leaves have fallen, the bright green decorative stems are then on show, providing something for all seasons.

  • A small acer that grows to a maximum height of up to 5m with a spread of around 3m.
  • Can be pruned in order to contain the growth and shape.
  • Ideal for the garden border or patio pot,
  • Choose a position that is semi-shaded for best effect.
  • Avoid an east-facing site as the early morning sun can scorch the foliage.
  • Likes semi-shaded position in moist, well-drained neutrral to acid soil
  • Maturing plant in a 19cm pot. 
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