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Sacred Lotus Flower 'White Xu' Growing Kit. Nelumbo nucifera

Sacred Lotus Flower 'White Xu' Growing Kit. Nelumbo nucifera

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nelumbo White Xu

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You will receive 2 seeds in a growing pot with growing media and full gorwing instructions.

Lotus plants also known as the sacred lotus originate from the far east, the USA and parts of Canada.

Lotus plants are frost hardy as long as the tubers dont get frozen in ice, they require planting in hole-less round containers in 4-6 cm of aquatic soil, with another 4-6 cm of water above, they require as much direct sunlight and warmth as possible to develop fat rhizomes to get them through the winter, and a heavy feed in the spring once the first aerial leaves have emerged from the water. If you live in a very cold location either re-house them over winter or permanently house them in a heated greenhouse or conservatory.


Propagate by seed sown in spring, preferably scarified before sowing, at a minumum temperature of 25�C (77�F) in small containers of loam covered by 5cm (2in) of water. Increase water depth and container size until plants are large enough to plant in the flowering site.Propagate by division of the fragile rhizomes, which resent disturbance. In spring, plant rootstock horizontally just below the soil surface, and barely submerge until growth starts

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